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Sustainability against Hunger

St. Clement is a philanthropic school situated in the outskirts of Nairobi city in Kenya that targets to help the very needy children from the nearby slums and community. The school started as a feeding program in 2002. The school offers free education, health services, provides food and clothing to 300 children. It caters for orphans, refugees, single parent children, affected and infected by HIV AIDS and some children with chronic health problems such as sickle cell anaemia, epilepsy, haemophilia. Feeding program has been the key to sustain these children in the school. The school offers breakfast and lunch to these children for 10 euros/$12 per child per month. The meals play a great role to these children in their performance, growth and development.

Our team supports the feeding program for this school in a sustainable way:

a) Poultry Farming

A henhouse welcoming 200 chicken was built in the schoolyard. This will help to supplement the children’s nutrition daily at St. Clement School, Nairobi. Children are enjoying feeding and taking care of the chicken.

b) Vegetable garden

Our team is currently working on planting and establishing a vegetable garden to further feed the children from St. Clement School, Nairobi. The wonderful Kenyan climate will allow us to have a year-round harvest of produce to share with the children.

c) Occasionally food support

• Our team offered the Christmas meal for more than 1000 people for the community around St. Clement School, Nairobi.
• Action2day also fully paid the meal for 300 children at St. Clement School, Nairobi for February 2021
• Action2day offered rice and oil for the community in Gacorone Marimanti, county of Thraraka Nithi in Kenya