Today’s Child Tomorrow’s World (T.C.T.W) mentorship program is a voluntary, non-political and educational program open to all without distinction of gender, origin, race or creed. Members participate in T.C.T.W mentorship programs and reach out to the vulnerable teenagers and young children in the society. It aims at offering more skills that will enable holistic growth and self-reliant youths. In our mentorship segment we focus on topics affecting youths currently and future expectations. The program also offers psychological counselling to the youths with psychological disturbances or issues. Mentorship seminars or workshops take place during school holidays and to nearby schools.

Mentors also visit children’s orphanages or children homes within the community to support rescued children with clothes, food and services such as cleaning. Early this year mentors took another step to visit children with cerebral palsy within the community to support them with food and diapers. They visited four families but there are more than 15 children with cerebral palsy in the same area. The mentors realized some parents lock these children in the house to go to look for their daily bread. Some parents experience stigmatization from the neighbours while other  neglect these children with the cerebral palsy condition. Their needs are endless for none of them had a wheelchair and seemed their parents were psychologically disturbed. Parenting other children in the family also is a challenge. It’s unfortunate they rely on well-wishers who are not guaranteed to get.

Thus the mentors are now focusing on how to offer support and services to the cerebral palsy children as we look forward for the upcoming school holiday for students at school.

Your support for wheelchairs, food and clothing will be highly appreciated.

04 February 2021

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