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Women Empowerment Action – Kenya

Four villages in Gacorone Marimanti, county of Thraraka Nithi in Kenya, are welcoming 400 super active and strong women! In this community, farming is the main activity but due to rain and water scarcity, things are getting more and more difficult there.

132 orphans also living in the community that need multiple support.


  • Need in water: A very dry and remote region, without electricity or water.
         People are forced to spend around 4h/day walking just to bring water, many times on same day, from the nearest river located 4 km away from the villages. The river is drained twice a year and serves the region’s wildlife at the same time. 
  • Need in education: There is a primary school at 5km from the villages (1h on foot for the kids), but teachers do not come because there is no electricity, no accommodation and lack of water. The only possibility for the children to be educated is the school in Marimanti town(24km from the villages!). Most of children are missing the basic school materials.
  • Need in cultivation techniques and income alternatives: If sufficient water was available more farming options could be applied and and more products to provide.

Empowering the women to become more financially independent and fell as they contributed to the growing and sustainability of their community and education of their children.

a) Basket of Hope Initiative:

These wonderful women are courageous, hardworking and very positive. It is costly and difficult to drill for the water because of the remote area, but these women keep hope and working on that that!

Every day, couple of hours are spent in order to make these beautiful handmade baskets with the hope to sell and support the needs of local community. Each one basket of hope takes almost two weeks to be made and it comes in different colour variations filled with pure Kenyan willingness for a better future and change mentality!

The baskets are available for buying in Europe. All money gathered will support the local communities and the empowerment of these women.

b) Stop absenteeism in schools (support for teenage girls)

The education and school attendance of adolescent girls is a key priority for our NGO. Girls in Kenya are often absent from schools during their menstrual periods due to lack of sanitation facilities and social stigma associated with using cleaning facilities where they exist.

Our team monthly provides sanitary pads for teenage girls at St. Clement School, Nairobi.