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Villages Medical Caravan

Vision & Mission

 Empowering Women & Children by rendering health services & education whereby achieves one among the WHOs sustainable development goals [SDG]. This is possible when knowledge and services downhill the sledge towards the slum breaking the social stigma and crossing physical barriers. Our mission is to collaborate and coordinate health workers, financial partners and volunteers globally and create an opportunity to serve the deserved.

Target Population 

Kenya is one among the East African countries which is susceptible for life threatening health issues such as Malaria, Yellow Fever, and HIV, epidemics, nutritional disorders, Neglected tropical diseases and array of other diseases including Neoplasm. Risk in the reach ability into the core of community, break in the supply chain of medicines and vaccines, lack of knowledge about communicability of diseases are a few reasons for the high incidence of mortality and morbidity. Medical camps plays crucial role in such vulnerable communities where medical and health services are effectively collaborate to reach the needy population especially women and children


Quality medical services and health education are vital elements to uplift and empower any community. These services include rendering knowledge about health, sanitation, nutrition, diseases, their communicability, need for immunization, rehabilitation programs, screening test for HIV, neoplasm including breast cancer & cervical cancer, malnutrition and many other life threatening conditions. Sex education is another important goal of this organization which helps in minimizing the incidence of HIV, single parenthood and other venereal diseases. As the definition of health is not limited to the physical health, our team aims at secluding the mental health of the individuals as well as any other medical condition that may adversely affect the quality of life and productivity of the community.

How to Volunteer:

It’s a wonderful experience to be a part of this volunteer team. Participation and support to such a deserving community in any mode – physical, technical, financial or even virtual are highly appreciated. Fund raising is another important milestone for accomplishing successful medical camps, which may be organizational or non-organizational. This would be a great opportunity to co-fund the team or be co-partners and explore the core of Kenyan community, render your service to the women & children, thereby serving the whole nation.