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School Construction

Four villages in Gacorone Marimanti, county of Thraraka Nithi in Kenya, are welcoming 400 super active and strong women! In this community, farming is the main activity but due to rain and water scarcity, things are getting more and more difficult there.

132 orphans also living in the community that need multiple support.

Need in education: There is a primary school at 5km from the villages (1h on foot for the kids), but teachers do not come because there is no electricity, no accommodation and lack of water. The only possibility for the children to be educates is the school in Marimanti town (24km from the villages!). Most of children are missing the basic school materials.

Running Actions:

a) A plot of land of 5 hectares has been offered to start the construction of a full boarding school for these children.
b) A feeding program supports families every Sunday.
c) Stationaries (exercise books, textbooks, pens & pencils) offered to the children.

Complete the construction of the school for the children and the dormitories and create a suitable place for the women of the community to expand their activities.

Capital Expenditure needs:
Construction project: school and dormitories costs of construction: Under estimation