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Today’s Child, Tomorrow’s World

Our mission

Our mission is to promote the integral development of peoples and improve the living conditions of the most disadvantaged communities, always seeking to contribute in the most effective and efficient way possible to generalize action against poverty.

Our vision

To be a benchmark organization for the most disadvantaged populations and communities in the world, an instrument to improve their quality of life. Action2day acts and will act in the communities, countries and sectors where it will be requested, provided that, after adequate technical analysis, the fact that our organization can bring real added value to the proposed intervention is verified.

Our values

The actions of Action2day are governed by the following values (CIPAST): Commitment to beneficiaries, Independence, Professionalism, Organized Action, Sustainability, and Transparency.

Short history

I left parts of my heart all over the world: orphanages in Romania, gypsies in the streets of Brussels or poor and helpless people in Guatemala. The last part remained in Kenya … Down there I met Joy through the eyes of children, their hands glued to my face and my hair, Joy through songs, colors and kindness. In this country so rich in natural resources, women work more than 12 hours to earn less than a dollar. Most prefer to put their children in “homes” so that they have at least one hot meal a day. The water is brought in from afar and is often not purified. Children have no places to play, their clothes are dirty and insufficient, and diseases are rife. There really is so much to do! … In 2018 when I first arrived I was told I have a Kenyan heart that’s why I moved to Nairobi two years later … Thanks to some wonderful people I have encountered, “Action2day” was born. A NGO based in Belgium… Veronica